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Who We Are
Generational Equity Interview
Ryan Binkley, President of Generational Equity, was interviewed recently at an ACG event in Los Angeles regarding current events and their impact on M&A activity.
Generational Equity
Generational Equity is a leader in the North American mergers and acquisitions market providing M&A and strategic growth advisory services to middle-market companies.
Generational Equity Seller Testimonial
Veteran businessman and investor Chris Howard is well versed in strategically growing businesses and exiting from them. In this testimonial video Chris discusses his experiences with Generational Equity.
Generational Equity – More About Who We Are
If you want to learn more about us, this is a great video to watch.
Selling A Business - Some Life Changing Stories
Using Professional Help to find an Optimal Buyer
Listen as Warren Peck talks to you about his positive experiences with Generational Equity and how we worked hard to get him the best deal possible.
Selling a Business – The Importance of Doing it Right.
Mark Games walks you through how Generational Equity exceeded his expectations in the sale of his company and did so during some very challenging due diligence issues!
Selling a Business – How Generational Equity helped to bring balance to a business owner’s life
Wade Whistler discusses how Generational Equity helped to find an optimal buyer for his business and in so doing, helped Wade to find time for the important things in life.
Selling a Business: How the Generational Equity Professionals Work for You
Randy Barger explains how his company was sold to an optimal, synergistic buyer.
Selling a Business - How Generational Equity Serves its Clients
Chris Ludwig discusses how Generational Equity helped guide him through some very "challenging" deal making issues!
Selling a Business - How to do it Right
John Murphy discusses what a difference it made using Generational Equity to sell his business the second time around.
Selling A Business - The Generational Equity Process
John Nicholson talks about how selling his company changed his life.
Selling A Business - A Life Changing Event
Dave Turbenson ran a successful business and is now looking forward to the next chapter in his life.
Selling a Business – How Professional M&A Consultants Do Their Job for You
Wayne Weber discusses how the Generational Equity professionals helped him position his company for buyer interest.
Selling a Business - How the Generational Equity Process Works
Lee Litchfield walks you through how Generational Equity helped him find the optimal buyer for his business
Selling A Business - Generational Equity's Role
Denny Blagrave explains the challenges of selling a business.
Our Proven Process
Our Business Conferences
Generational Equity holds weekly business conferences with the owners of privately held, lower middle-market companies in North America. Here is some feedback from attendees.
Business Valuations
Generational Equity is a leader in valuation services for owners of privately held middle market businesses in North America. Hear from some of our clients about how the valuation process worked.
Professional Business Marketing
Generational Equity works with its clients to bring a broad list of potential buyers to the table. Hear some insight on how this works.
The Importance of Market Timing
Generational Equity is a mergers and acquisition adviser specializing in the sale of privately held businesses in the lower middle market. When to sell is a key question we often encounter.
Mergers and Acquisition Deal Structure
When owners of privately owned businesses decide to sell, both the buyer and the structure of the deal are equally important. Generational Equity recognizes this and works with each client to tailor a solution that meets each owners needs.
Input from Professional Buyers
Generational Equity - Professionals That Really Close Deals
Anthony Haines talks about how Generational Equity played a critical role in his acquisition.
M&A Advisors – Key to Getting a Deal Done
Michael Pfeffer talks about how helpful it is to have Generational Equity involved in completing a deal.
The Role Private Equity Plays in the Middle-market
Ben Mackay walks you thru how private equity firms operate in the middle-market.
Private Equity and M&A
Larry Simon examines the key role private equity plays in the M&A industry.
Current M&A Trends
John Castle provides you with keen insight into M&A trends for the near and longer term.
Partnering with the Entrepreneur
Erik Dykema discusses how his firm combines with existing ownership to form a long-term partnership.
Developing and Growing Relationships
Glenn Oken discusses how his firm brings more than financial engineering to its deals, helping the entrepreneur really reach his dreams.

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